What is underneath: A day in my corporate world – part II

In my previous blog I told you about a typical day in my corporate life. Today I will give you some more insights in why exactly I left my comfortable corporate life behind to go full-time creative. I will show you that sometimes things look rather good on the surface but are a little less perfect once you allow yourself to listen to your feelings, emotions and energy levels.

The same random day in my Corporate Life, but now including myΒ feelings, emotions and energy levels:

06.45am wake up || I’ve never been a good sleeper, but hey we are happy and alive – let’s make today a good day!

07.00am meditate || Absolutely love my morning routine! Started meditating in December 2015 and haven’t stopped since. Can’t remember the last day I skipped a meditation!

07.20am breakfast with oats or flakes, soy milk, berries, coffee and a good book (currently reading: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari – absolutely love it – who else has read this book?) || Nothing better than starting the day with good food, a book and coffee. Fun fact: I went from eight cups of coffee a day to a maximum of two decafs a day – which has massively reduced my blood sugar rushes!! **save your judgments for later**

07.45am get changed and brush teeth || I’ve got my little routine doing this – challenging myself to be mindful for the full 15 min πŸ™‚

08.00am cycle into work || Confession: I am Dutch and hate cycling. Always have. However cycling saves me 20 minutes of commute and I can control the speed at which I’m getting to my destination. As I’m highly sensitive I’m extremely happy to have my Bose Headphones with noise cancellation. Without them the sensations on the road make me tired before my work day can even properly begin. Sunny mornings means I cycle via Bank and St Pauls, my favs which lengthens the trip a bit but makes me happy πŸ™‚

08.30am – 06.00pm manage my portfolio of accountants and bookkeepers around the world to improve their efficiency and the service they can offer their clients || In other words being on the phone all day long, solving problems that more often than not drain my energy… I only realise now that I constantly needed treats to make myself happy. I would regularly go downstairs to buy myself a nice coffee, buy food for lunch and every afternoon at least one sugary snack to keep me going. For lunch I would eat food behind my desk, do a speedy yoga session in the super large office toilets (yup grose but feels great) or stroll along the Thames. Then the afternoon hits me. Back in the office my energy slowly drops and my body gets tense. I feel restless. I know that energy levels are affected by the tasks we’re doing, the time of the day, how we’re feeling and what we’ve had to eat or drink, but whatever I tried, from changing my diet to re-structuring my tasks, nothing helped. The only things left to cause my energy swings are either the time of the day or the nature of the tasks to be performed. As I don’t experience this feeling during weekends or breaks, I started paying attention to the nature of the job and how that made me feel. Soon enough I realised it was my job (for the second time in two years), that once again doing I performed on willpower rather than intrinsically enjoying it.

06.00pm cycle back home || YES happy but oh men I am exhausted and I again realise how much I hate cycling – this time not going for the pretty route but for the fastest!

06.30pm spend time relaxing at home || I need at least 15-30 minutes to just sit down and relax. Something I’ve learnt from listening to my body after having it neglected for too many years.

07.15pm grocery shopping and cooking with the boyfriend || cooking a delicious meal together with my boyfriend. Time to discuss our days. I’ve been looking forward to this activity since lunch!

08.00pm painting (classes), meeting friends for drinks, boxing classes, art therapy, watching tv shows or reading a good book || the everyday struggle, am I going to explore the amazing city I live in and gain new experiences or do I stay at home.. both make me happy but on the days that I don’t have any fixed plans the latter often has my preference. After many years of understanding the importance of sometimes staying at home I still too often find it very hard to accept this. I feel boring with all the exciting things going on in the outside world. Still don’t know how to balance this, any tips or experiences are more than welcome πŸ˜‰

11.00pm prepare for a good night of sleep || Another wise, but often hard to accept evening activity. After years of neglecting all the cues given by my body, I’ve come to understand the hard way that my body and mind need at least one hour to process all the sensations and information absorbed during the day. Therefore I decided to make this hour mine. I get all cozy with candles, soft blankets one more tv show, a book or just reflecting on my day and the next day to come!

This blog post is a very personal one. With these personal stories I hope to give you an insight into my (new) approach to life, open up a dialogue and inspire others to do the same. After all you don’t just buy a painting, you buy the story behind the artist too.

In my next posts I will start giving you an insight in my new life as an emerging artist and all the exciting things that come with it.

Lots of love,