———————–     Who am I?

My name is Anne-Claire Fleer and I am a Dutch abstract painter based in East London, with an intuitive approach to my work. I mainly work with acrylic on canvas

My paintings are inspired by everyday life. My photographic eye is helping me to explore smaller parts of larger wholes that often serve as starting point for my paintings. I tend to jump out of bed with an image in my mind that serves as starting point for my work, but during the process I let go of the original image and let my feelings guide me where to go next. The result is often multiple layers with various different colours coming together in the top layer. 

I create art to experience freedom, the only place I’m absolutely not afraid to make mistakes, using colours to say what I can’t express in words. Being able to share that part of myself and involving you as viewer to find your own story is what drives and excites me! 

“You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others, working on myself, dodging negativity, and slaying my goals”

———————–     What is my history?

Change is inevitable and everyone will be faced with life changing decisions. Becoming an artist is mine.

I am an energetic, enthusiastic, open and dedicated human being, who grew up in an entrepreneurial family in a small city in the South of the Netherlands. Having grown up in a successful entrepreneurial family has taught me to take risks and trust what is about to come.

In short, I spent my entire Primary School doing nothing else than painting, colouring and reading books. Once in High School I replaced the “creative Anne-Claire ” with a more “athletic Anne-Claire” pursuing a professional tennis career. As the high intensity that comes with top sport did not do me well, after High School I decided to leave my hometown for the exciting city of Amsterdam to pursue a Bachelor’s’ degree in Business. Besides studying and having a great time with friends, I spent two amazing semesters abroad in Cardiff and Singapore. This is where my love for photography started. Inspired by all the beauty around me while traveling I dare to say that I developed a pretty good photographic eye, which was the first step back on the road to creativity.

The restless person I am, I needed another change and decided to move to the booming city of Rotterdam to pursue a Master’s degree and subsequently start my career as a consultant in the Financial Services Sector, a job I thought was my dream job. It therefore caught me by surprise when one year later I realised it did not fulfil me as I was hoping for. As a result I decided to take a break from my work as consultant to explore other areas of interest.

Back then I could not have known that this break was the moment that got me prepared for becoming the artist I am today. Now, two years and a second job in the City of London later, I am finally able to connect all the dots. The first break was necessary for me to find back my childhood creativity and learn heaps about Abstract Art. The second big step, moving to London to live with my boyfriend and start a new job at a Software Company, helped me realise that the corporate world does not make me smile nearly enough. So I quit my job, laugh at the confusion, follow my dreams and choose happiness over expectations.

During these last two years I’ve not only found back my creativity and developed a passion for abstract art, I’ve also come to the realisation that being surrounded by people who inspire me and share similar big ideas gets me passionate. If you are in a similar situation, inspired by my story, or just want to chat, please get in touch because I truly believe that everyone with the right ‘can-do’ attitude can make a difference and everyone should try!

I can’t wait to get to know you all and build meaningful relationships through my art!

Lots of love,

Anne-Claire Fleer